February 20, 2018

Mad Money Jim Cramer Thumbs Up for The Direct Sales Model

There is no doubt that Direct Selling-Network Marketing is, by far, the best business model for the average person to own their own business and with hard work, prosper monetarily.

Those who continue to refer to this business model as a pyramid are light years behind the eight ball.

According Mad Money Jim Cramer the Direct Selling model is a great model that is in a “Tremendous Bull Market Mode.”

So why do so many people fail in this industry?  It could be the same reason so many  fail in their attempt to sell Real Estate.  Having been in the Real Estate Industry for 25 years, I’ve witnessed the same same high percentage of  failure.  Once homes have been sold to friends and families the new real estate business owner quits and says it doesn’t work.

Both industries work and work well for those with an unstoppable desire to succeed and the tenacity of a bull dog.  If one person has succeeded in the industry than it works. If it works for one it will work for you.   All you have to do is make the decision. Make the decision you will Do What Ever It Takes to Succeed.

Watch the video below see what Mad Money Cramer has to say!

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