February 20, 2018

About Sandy


I have always been one to speak my mind and go against the flow. Yes, it has got me in hot water in the past.  Have I changed…nope, I haven’t. People always know where I come from and what I stand for. My friends like that!

Raised in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, I began my sales career while in high school working in the local Pharmacy after school. The owner of the Pharmacy was my first business mentor. Tony was his name.  He was a wonderful, kind and well liked man I will never forget Tony.  That job was fun. I made the biggest double dip ice cream cone in town and my hot fudge sundae was to die for…yum! That job not only produced "spending money", but little did I know, it was the structure, discipline, and foundation necessary to own multiple business’ in the future

When it came time for college I chose to go to school in Michigan, my mother's home state.  I attended Northern Michigan University, Central Michigan University and even took a few extra classes at Wayne State.  I loved excitement and change and as soon as I completed my Bachelor of Science degree I started my Masters Degree work at Michigan State University.

After completing my B.S. degree I moved to a warmer climate, settling in Boca Raton, Florida where I taught school while finishing my Master's Degree.  Teaching and educational program development was fun, my focus and opened many doors.

With a Masters Degree and media awards in hand, for teaching and program development for the "Gifted and Talented" student, it was time to move on to an industry that was more lucrative for an over achiever.

Real Estate was my chosen vehicle. The next twenty years were dedicated to and focused in the real estate industry. Beginning with luxury high-rise ocean front condominiums and resort communities in Boca Raton, Florida, I found my calling in marketing, sales and investing.

Dallas, Texas became the hub of my business enterprise.  I went on to own multiple Real Estate Companies, a Property Management Company, and a Property Leasing Company, earning numerous industry awards and certifications for work in the residential and commercial arena.

The early 90’s was my introduction to the Direct Sales/Network Marketing industry. I found the business model fascinating and appealing in that an individual could build a business with the total infrastructure in place, yet without the cost of a franchise.

I fell in love with the industry, finding it to be very similar to the Real Estate industry. My success is based on the success of others I help to achieve their goals and dreams.  Leadership through teaching, mentoring and coaching others…nirvana! 

Today the business climate has never been more exciting; the internet has made it so easy and affordable for the small business entrepreneur to build an existing business or transition into a totally new business.

I wish you a life with purpose, a future with success and a legacy of abundance!

Believe, Achieve then Pay Your Successes Forward.



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